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How Can Google My Business Help Your Brand

The Google Business page is the foundation and first stop in any digital marketing campaign. Before you spend any time on optimizing your website or social media properties, look into applying best SEO practices to your Google My Business page. The balance of your digital marketing campaign will pay much higher dividends if you do.

Claiming, if you have not already, and then optimizing your Google My Business page(GMB) is absolutely essential to any serious digital marketing campaign and for local SEO. Your GMB page is the foundation where important data about your business is listed. It feeds this data into Google Maps and is a central collection point for most of the big data aggregators for business listings.

A properly filled out Google Business page is far more than name, address and phone(NAP), though that is a first crucial step. Your listing provides important data for the search algorithms and you cannot be ranked highly with a poor or non-existent GMB. Details such as hours, what types of payment you accept, photos of the business and/or photos of your products can also be placed here.

The GMB page also serves as a central point for collecting customer reviews. This search engine ranking signal should not be overlooked. People engaging with and commenting on your business sends a strong signal to Google’s algorithms.

If you have done much searching with Google, you have probably noticed that near the top of many search results page is a highlighted list of 3 local business that best match your search term. We call this the 3-pack. Optimizing your Google My Business page with industry best SEO practices can help push your business to this premier piece of digital real estate.

Do not underestimate and certainly do no ignore the benefits to be gained by applying proper detail to your Google My Business page. It should be one of the first tasks in any digital marketing campaign if you want optimal results.

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