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Do You Have a Strong Social Media Presence?

Our experienced social media marketing experts at Old River Media Group would love to discuss how we can help you benefit from social media marketing. Not just a catalyst to improve sales, but also how it can be used to expand local knowledge of your brand, products and services.

Believe it or not, social media isn’t just a platform for the young to exchange information about the latest fashions, latest music, or to show off ‘selfies’ they’ve taken.

Right now, Facebook messaging has taken the place of traditional email, when it comes to informal written messaging between the over-40’s. This type of communication between family, friends and associates isn’t just limited to messaging, but also posting information such as recipes and giving reviews for products and services that they’ve purchased or used.

What does this mean to your business? Well it certainly means that if you’re business is not being seen on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and you’re competitors are, then guess who’s getting the business that is being generated by this online chatter? It certainly isn’t going to be you or your company.

Do it correctly, and social media can become your best sales and marketing person out there, and will cost a fraction of what you would be paying a real person in salary and benefits. In fact, most of your cost will come in time being spent carrying out research and creating posts. Facebook and LinkedIn do offer paid advertising opportunities, which can yield better results than advertising on, for example Google’s AdWords, because you’re better able to segment the target audiences that you are looking to promote to. And, because there is less competition advertising on Facebook right now, your actual cost-per-click, is going to be that much lower.

How Can Old River Media Group Help With Your Social Media Marketing?

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