The Challenge

It's vitally important that you get out there and direct the narrative surrounding your product or service. Telling your business story has never been more important in today's review economy. It is important to control the narrative... or someone will do it for you.

Establishing a solid online presence is no longer optional. Building a strong 5-star reputation and making it a consistent part of your marketing campaigns is a foundational need for every business today.

Some of the greatest wealth created today is through the franchise model. Where process, automation and scaling is honed to perfection. Any business owner can employ these techniques and strategies with proper coaching and implementation.

Our Team

Old River Media Group is a global team of talented and skilled marketing experts, SEO, graphic designers, and developers. We work hard to provide answers for today's challenging online and offline marketing issues.

Systematic processes are utilized to identify, plan, design and execute solutions to overcome the digital marketing fog and overwhelm that the average business owner faces. Each strategy we develop and deploy is results oriented to provide the best possible return for our client's marketing budgets.

The Objective

Our #1 goal is to make your brand look like a rockstar. By bringing marketing strategies and processes that elevate you above the competition.

Today's 'review economy' is a noisy place. The review economy is where customer-driven dialog plays a huge role in buyer decisions. Currently 92% of online purchases have come degree of customer testimonials or reviews factoring into the evaluation of a product or service.

Are you controlling that narrative about your business or being run over by it?

The saying goes that all the decisions you have made up to now have brought your business to where you are today.

Are you happy with that? Or do you feel you're coming up short of your potential?

Recognize that major improvement does not come overnight, but rather through incremental steps. We can audit your existing online presence to find your weak points and craft a custom marketing strategy to level up your brand. It starts with a plan and it's achieved through a series of small steps that build on one another to lift you to new levels of success in your business you didn't think possible.

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Team Lead

Bob Mankin

Bob Mankin

Digital Marketing Strategist

Bob Mankin is a California native from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Growing up in a small wine-country community, then spending 25 years in fast-paced Silicon Valley, he has since settled into a quieter suburb more central to reaching recreational opportunities for his passion of fishing. Most of his career has been in tech-related positions, with e-commerce experience extending back to 1997. In 2011, with the encouragement of friends, he began offering digital marketing services to friends and select clientele.

He is active within the community, advocating on critical public safety issues and is a charter member of a local citizen's advisory for County government.

Bob loves to spend time on the water when schedule allows and enjoys networking within the community with the goal of problem-solving on both business and community issues.



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