How We're Addressing It

Supporting Our Customers, Our Prospects and Our Team Members

Our company philosophy is to approach the pandemic situation with empathy and urgency. The safety of our clients and prospects is paramount. The health and safety of our team members is critical for our operations.

Remote Communications

We are conducting all client communications and account updates through remote means, primarily via teleconferencing on Zoom and Google Meet. For the safety of our clients and our team, we are not engaging in any in-person consultations or site visits at this time.

Our staff is working entirely remote and will continue to do so indefinitely.

Account Changes

We understand and respect that the impact of COVID-19 on small business varies widely depending on what category your products or services fall under.

Some clients may find a need to downgrade their service plans and we continue to work in a compassionate manner to address contracts where this is unavoidable and necessary.

Supporting Our Communities

Our Marketing Partners

Our marketing partnerships remain a vital part of our outreach focus and we continue to support these relationships to the fullest extent for end users.

We remain engaged with consistent marketing outreach and advertising campaigns to promote our Chamber Boost and Chamber University platforms.

Our Business Community

We continue to provide informational resources and discounted service offers whenever we can to assist small business owners most negatively impacted by this economic slowdown.

Through forbearance programs and/or temporary service plan reductions we have been able to preserve client relationships and continue to provide essential marketing services. Allowing businesses maintain vital campaign momentum to carry them through this difficult time. Also enabling them to be best positioned to capitalize on the economic recovery which we are confident awaits on the other side.

Be Safe

Stay Focused

Support One Another

Let's Lean Into 2021 With Newfound Optimism

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